Impact & Users Benefits

Impact & Users Benefits


Road and street design as well as planning play a major role in road safety

Flowell interactive light-emitting road markings use advanced technologies for the benefit of all users: pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. It helps them to see and better understanding traffic flows and dangers.

Flowell aims to encourage users to adapt their behaviour to the prevailing traffic situation. The Flowell panels have the same skid-resistance as the surface course of asphalt roads.

A Flowell system consists of 4 key sub-systems :

  • The Flowell panels. A 7mm multilayer compound with embedded LEDs which is bonded to the surface course.
  • A control unit
  • A light sensor to adjust the panels’ brightness to the ambient light (to optimize their visibility)
  • A detection system (presence sensor, cameras…)

A Flowell system has many control options: motion sensors, timers, radars, traffic cameras… choosing the right detection mode will ensure maximum effectiveness by addressing the right message to the right user at the right time.

Flowell is the only system with traffic-resistant driveable large-size panels

Flowell panels can be produced in all kinds of forms and colours: from simple rectangles to complex symbols, letterings, arrows etc.

Dark panels are the most frequently used version. The panels are dark (same colour as the roadway) and are therefore barely visible when turned off. Once triggered a strong contrast is created by the LEDs and as a result the panels become highly visible.

Flowell enhances the legibility and visibility of road markings. The user benefits have been measured throughout a series of behavioural surveys. All of which have shown some positive outcomes/results (especially for visually impaired people)

  • Better compliance with pedestrian priority and stop areas.
  • Enhanced legibility and visibility of road markings.
  • Positive effect on the channelling of pedestrians in the crossing area and by definition, reductions in jaywalking.
  • Much greater feelings of safety.

Flowell’s been tested throughout a series of pilot sites aiming at assessing both the technology and its application: pedestrian or cycle crossings, dynamic bus lanes, dynamic allocation of parking bays.

For all of these projects independent surveys have shown significant user benefits.

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Flowell is the only light-emitting road marking system currently under approval by the French Road Safety Office.

The French Road Safety Office is at the heart of road safety policies.


COLAS CSR commitments

Structuring public space better is Flowell’s key ambition.

Flowell makes road and kerbside infrastructure more interactive: highlighting traffic priorities and making all users safer (including PRMs), allocating kerbsides to different users during the day…

Soft mobility is developing quickly. Flowell also enhances the active travel experience and makes cyclists, pedestrians and vulnerable users safer when crossing at higher risk intersections.

Industry 2022 JANUS Winner

In 2022 Flowell was awarded the official JANUS Design Award. Such evaluates, on an annual basis, noteworthy products, services and architectural infrastructure by taking the following five key aspects; economics, ergonomics, aesthetics, ethics and finally, emotion into consideration.

The jury particularly appreciated the adequacy and effectiveness of Flowell as a means for both modernizing existing infrastructures and saving energy in the context of changing urban mobilities.

Being based on a relevant study of use cases to provide an adequate and adaptable solution, the system has proved to be highly successful. Interactive light-emitting road markings give shape to the way in which smart towns and cities are managed.  Through harmonious urban management, comfort and safety are brought to the users.


Industrial expertise and construction-work know-how at the service of safe and reliable mobility We secure, signal and regulate the flows, acting as a comprehensive operator in safe and reliable mobility, to provide solutions to your problems, in a local and trusted relationship. Aximum is a subsidiary of the Colas Group, a world leader in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

Starling Technologies (Umbrellium)

Transforming the way we move around our cities is critical to reducing carbon emissions, enhancing air quality and improving national health and wellbeing. At Starling Technologies we design revolutionary AI- driven traffic management systems which make our streets and cities safer for pedestrians, cyclists and street users of all kinds, while keeping vehicle traffic flowing efficiently.


Cerema (which stands for Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Urban Planning) is the major French public agency for developing public expertise in the fields of urban planning, regional cohesion and ecological and energy transition. There can be no compromise when it comes to road safety. CEREMA provides a decisive insight into Flowell pilot projects and field trials.