Cycling is an increasingly popular trend. Temporary and permanent cycle lanes have been created and intersections have needed to be re-designed. Every year in the EU nearly 30 000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured, usually because of a collision with a vehicle (78%) and intersections remain high-risk spots (47% of collisions).

As a cyclist approaches the crossroads a detection system is automatically activated. An illuminated Flowell cycle logo shows motorists where the cyclist is coming from.

Boulevard Circulaire – La Défense

Flowell has been installed on the Boulevard Circulaire in La Défense. This Boulevard used to be a vehicle-only road. Some temporary cycle lanes were installed during the sanitary crisis. They are now being turned into permanent ones. Flowell cycle logos inform drivers of the presence of cyclists at intersections.

Pierre Bérégovoy Avenue - Nevers

Several Flowell systems have been installed at some crossings (pedestrian and cycle) in order to improve user safety.