Flowell is deployed in areas with a high density of vulnerable users (children, families, senior citizens) or in areas which are prone to accidents between vehicles and pedestrians.

The pedestrian crossing operates on the presence detection of users or synchronized to the traffic light cycle.

To install a Flowell Pedestrian Passage Package, the selected site must meet several criteria :

  • Typical layout: 2-lane pedestrian crossing, up to 8 pedestrian crossing strips
  • Installation support: flat surface of good-quality asphalt or concrete, with no common defects (cracks, potholes)
  • Illuminated area: public lighting nearby
  • Connection point: presence of a permanent energy access point nearby; energy requirement 1.5 kW in 230V
  • No obstacle to solution installation or detection system
  • The system operates continuously 24/7 and is also visible day and night: thanks to the contrast provided by the black slab (in off mode) and the luminous flux of the white LED (in on mode), Flowell is visible on average 7 hours more per day and addresses 3 times more users than a night-only solution 
  • Flowell benefits from an intelligent detection system that follows the path of pedestrians precisely (management of the input-output of the detection zone)
  • Flowell triggers as needed, and modulates the power of the slabs according to the ambient light, which reduces energy consumption and does not overload the marking pavement
  • Flowell benefits from the expertise of a large international group specializing in smart mobility and the scientific support of CEREMA which evaluates and validates the system’s performance
  • The Flowell pedestrian pass packages are pre-configured and combine Flowell active marking, vertical and horizontal signage and intelligent steering system. For non-standard configurations, please contact us
  • Every Flowell element is thought through to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time: 
    • The ends of the pedestrian crossing indicate to pedestrians the correct crossing area while securing their path
    • The crosswalk effect lines alert vehicles and indicate the stop zone, in order to keep vehicles away from the crosswalk. The lines of effect are recommended in the decree of 12 December 2018 on the modification of road signs
  • When a pedestrian enters the detection zone, it triggers the ignition of the active light marking to secure the crossing
  • In the case of a pedestrian crossing synchronized with the traffic light cycle, the ignition of the active light marking follows the sequence of the vertical tricolor signalling
  • Duration of installation: 3 working days from the opening of the site
  • Estimated lifespan: 8-10 years depending on location and traffic
  • Durability of the texturing: the coating retains optimum anti-smoothness for 24 months (in case of compliance with the right conditions of use: 2 million wheel arches).
  • Flowell installations must undergo an annual light marking and electrical inspection to ensure the safety of users and the proper functioning of the equipment
  • Flowell slabs can be cleaned with high pressure cleaning systems or sweeper (excluding iron strands)
  • A service offer is available from our authorized installers
  • The Leds slabs are glued directly to the road and cannot be disassembled once laid without damage. If a Flowell slab is removed, a new slab must be installed
  • Additional equipment can be disassembled and replaced without problems (panel, detector, etc.)
  • Flowell installed on a detection pedestrian crossing (1000 triggers/day) equivalent to the consumption of a 100W candelabra
  • Flowell installed on a pedestrian crossing with fire equivalent to the consumption of two 100W candelabra