Warning signal - Cahors


Warning signal - Cahors

Despite significant developments the regional council of the Lot (FR46) has reported frequent accidents or near-misses at a roundabout. The Flowell technology has been used to display a warning signal to promote speed moderation before the roundabout.

Key issues

  • Although this stretch of road is relatively narrow most vehicles tend to speed because it is downhill.
  • As a result hard braking is frequent thus making this section particularly dangerous
  • Mostly because of speed and despite traffic signs frequent conflicts and priority denials are seen on the roundabout

Key objectives

  • Reduce speed as vehicles enter the roundabout
  • Reduce priority denials on the roundabout
  • Promote speed moderation



Three warning symbols, made up of Flowell panels have been installed on the roadway before the roundabout. Their illumination is triggered by a speed radar that detects and measures vehicle speed. Driver’s behaviour and vehicle speed profile on the approach to the roundabout will be measured. Different operating scenarios will be tested in order to optimize the Project’s effectiveness.

Mon Mar 06 13:01:00 2023