Dynamic allocation of parking spaces - saclay


Dynamic allocation of parking spaces - saclay

This pilot aims to explore how Flowell can play a role in making kerbsides more dynamic thus optimizing the use of parking spaces.


The three parking spaces are located nearby a residential and commercial building. Parking spaces and delivery bays are limited in number.  Unauthorized parking is frequent.


The key objective of this trial was to assess how the dynamic allocation of parking spaces could help to get the most out of these parking spaces. 

  • Improve the occupancy rate of the parking spaces
  • Reduce illegal parking

Three parking spaces were painted in blue (time-limited free parking) and also equipped with Dark Flowell panels (Yellow LEDs) that display yellow (delivery) markings from 7am to 1pm.

  • The initial assessment of this project showed some very positive results.
  • The number of private cars using these parking bays increased by 49%
  • The number of delivery vans using them almost doubled
  • Compliance with parking rules was improved. The number of incorrectly parked unauthorized vehicles dropped by 31%

Tue Jan 31 15:01:00 2023