Flowell, Industry Janus 2022

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The Flowell interactive lighting system won the JANUS Award, the French Design Label in the JANUS Industry 2022 category. A label that rewards products designed for the user. This is the case with Flowell innovation, which dynamically promotes the vigilance of user behaviour.

Lighting the moment to act on behaviours
To promote and enhance exemplary achievements in terms of design, the Jury of JANUS (official label of design resulting from the ministerial decree of 13 November 1953) evaluates each year remarkable products, services and spaces, constituting a synthesis of several criteria, the "5E". Jurors emphasized the strengths of the achievement:

Economy: integration into existing infrastructure
Ergonomics: a strong modularity
Aesthetics: a light music that unfolds in the urban landscape to orchestrate its flows
Ethics: reducing the risk of accidents and taking into account vulnerable audiences through economic and sustainable equipment
Emotion: a sensitive infrastructure that adapts to its environment: "making the road alive"
The JANUS label is also based on specifications that respond to the reason for innovation «A useful innovation leading to progress».
The Flowell device was able to check all the technical, aesthetic and intelligent points of this French label.

The setting up of usage studies makes it possible to offer a response adapted to cities.

Feedback from our experimental approaches has shown that Flowell can increase from 67% to 94%* the respect of pedestrian priority by vehicles on the pedestrian crossing as well as an increase of 28% to 55%* of safer stopping position for pedestrians.
It is also a gain of readability for users with better controlled interactions and a very positive feedback from people with disabilities (especially visually impaired).

*Result obtained on the pedestrian crossing synchronized to the fire installed in Paris 15th

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