Brooklyn, USA

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Flowell, enlight the moment in Brooklyn with a dynamic light-emitting road marking system! 
🏙 With its dynamic light-emitting road marking system, an innovation by Colas, Flowell allows cities to achieve “highest and best use” of urban kerbside space. As well as delivering an amazing experience for its users while optimizing public space.  
For the past 3 years, SidewalkLabs has been running a flexible kerb project using Flowell technology in Brooklyn Navy Yard. Let's dig into the functionalities that dynamic space sharing offers us!

🎯 The goal: strategically managing urban space on a weekly basis by means of a scheduler comprised of four different operational modes: paid parking, PRM parking, pick-up/drop-off zone, pavement extensions and popup uses (pedestrians, food trucks, public seating…).  
The results: a system that adapts to the needs of users, saving space and time for drivers 🚗