Dynamic bus lane - Nantes



Dynamic bus lane - Nantes

This pilot takes place on the Ile de Nantes and aims to test how Flowell can help to reduce congestion at a busy intersection between a Boulevard and dedicated bus lanes.


This intersection was created in 2019.  It is comprised of a two-way dedicated bus lane which crosses a boulevard. Despite traffic signals that regulate traffic flows this location remains a black spot in terms of congestion (vehicles stopped on the bus lane and blocking the traffic) A total of 16 collisions have been reported over the last three years.


Improve the traffic flow at this intersection

Prevent cars from stopping on the bus lanes.

Warn drivers that a bus is coming


Stop line markings incorporating Flowell panels were installed at the traffic signals. 12 yellow chevrons, with lighting in sequence were installed on the bus lanes. The chevrons are activated by geolocation of the buses and light up when the bus is on the point of crossing the intersection.

  • Intercept surveys have measured that the percentage of users viewing this intersection as “complex” dropped from 83% to 21% after Flowell had been implemented.
  • Bus drivers reported that they felt much less stress when crossing this intersection since Flowell has been in use, although most of them were initially reluctant towards this new signage concept.
  • Compliance with priority rules has been improved (+7%)

Tue Jan 31 15:01:00 2023