Saclay (91), France

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Flowell, enlight the moment with an interactive light marking in Saclay !

For the last 2 years, the innovative dynamic luminous road marking by Colas have been implemented in Paris Saclay.

🎯 What is Flowell’s goal ? Contribute to a better sharing of public space by optimizing scarce and limited spaces thanks to an innovation of interactive light marking.

And what does dynamic space share mean? Adapting the roadway by creating modular spaces, according to the needs of users.

What’s happening in Saclay ? Shops are asking for more delivery bays, residents are asking for more parking spaces and available spaces aren’t noticeable enough.
 The device : Transformation of 3 parking bays with a delivery mode from 7am to 1pm and a parking mode the rest of the time.

🏆 Convincing results !
A 31% drop in the number of vehicles in breach, a rate of understanding and visibility of the system that exceeds 80%. A better rotation of cars which favors the surrounding businesses.
On top of that the number of delivery vehicles using those spaces HAS ALMOST DOUBLED and the number of private car parking on those spots increased of 50% !!!!